Man was created by God.

He created men and women differently. Women are more emotional, men more visual. This is well understood. In a relationship, a woman is stimulated on an emotional level. They enjoy communication in the relationship because they relate on an emotional level. They desire to be taken care of because emotionally, they relate on more of a emotional level than a man.

A man is “wired” differently. A man is more visual than a woman. The emotions in the relationship may be important to a man, but it cannot be argued that he will be visually stimulated more than the woman. This is well understood by the populace at large.

I believe this is why men are drawn to view other women. When a man gets married, this visual element does not go away, because even though married, the basic wiring of the man remains. Once married, a man must decide to not view other women. He will still have the basic desire to look, as that is how is was created, but he must decide to not view other women other than his wife.

With the internet, the ease to view other women becomes a dangerous area. The internet allows secrecy, and unending opportunities to view other women. This danger is apparent in the amount of porn available on the internet, and the ease to obtain access.

Any man who does not have accountability on the internet most probably views other women. This is my opinion, and I wish I had the statistics to back up my claim, but it is quite difficult to get true statistics. I believe this because of my own history. I know that I am visually stimulated, and I believe that I am a normal man. I will be that way until I am gone from this life. I accept it, and know that it is a fact.

With accountability on all of my internet access, I have to answer to my accountability partners when I browse on the internet where I should not. I am drawn to look. It pulls me. Not all the time, but I know that it is part of who I am.

Paul obviously understood this. He tells Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:22 to flee youthful lusts. He does not tell Timothy to fight the lusts, but to turn away and run.

Jesus changed the game when he mentioned in Matthew 5:28 that when a man looks upon a woman in lust, he has committed adultery already with her in his heart. The act is not only important, but the intentions of the heart.

Purity is in the heart, not only in the act. This may seem tough to a world that constantly makes excuses for sin. They do not understand the benefits that come from a close relationship with God. They want to go as far as they can, and still obtain the blessings from above. God sees the heart above the actions. This is why viewing other women is detrimental to a close walk with God.