Yesterday went for 3 miles at Madison’s game around Pizza Hut Park. Windy! Felt quite slow and tired. Recently I have been struggling with feeling VERY tired all day. Must be allergies. It is so bad though. I can’t hardly climb the stairs at the house without feeling so tired. It is so difficult to do anything, especially work.

Also, I find myself eating more junk than usual. I need to be careful when running. It is like it gives me the right to eat more. Right now I feel so bloated and it does not feel good at all.

The running is difficult to get out and go, and once I head out, the first mile is a killer. Only then do I begin to feel normal. I need to get this allergy issue take care of. I started some cartizone today with hopes that it knocks it out.

Yesterday’s run made it almost 15 miles for the week. That is great for beginning to get back into running. I’ll shoot for that next week, but with Bekah’s surgery on Wednesday, it may be difficult to make it, but it is a goal.