Took off this evening for a 4-miler. Didn’t want to go, felt tired and sluggish. As usual, I knew that the first two miles were going to be killer. Ever since I started running again, the first two miles are very tough.

The difference tonight was that it didn’t get easier after two miles. It got more difficult. I never stop and walk on runs, but tonight I stopped and walked 3 times. I just couldn’t continue. Not sure what is going on. I took 4 days off this week, hadn’t run since Sunday and today was Thursday. Maybe that was the difference, but anyway, if this was what running was like all them time, then I wouldn’t do it.

It was in the upper 70s, so it was much warmer than what I have been used to. Maybe that was a differentiating factor.

I’ve been eating so badly recently. Just not caring about my caloric intake. That is very bad. So, for the week, I’m at about 6 miles. Will try to go out again in the morning.