3 m, 10:30 m/m

Went for a 3-miler this morning. Felt good, better than usual, mid 60s. With Zeke of course. Felt really good until a hill on the third mile, had trouble recovering. I did finally and finished strong. No aches at all. Good breathing.

Still looking forward when I can do the 10 m/m again. It has been quite a long time since I am able to do that without heavy breathing issues.

I noticed at the end of my run today that i have been slumping over when tired. I seemed to do better when I looked up, stuck out my chest a bit and breathed deep. I seemed to recover somewhat better. I need to keep this in mind when doing longer runs.

I have been having trouble with my CardioTrainer. I looses GPS signal way too often. I have not been able to record the last 2 runs due to the lack of consistency with the tool. I seemed to be since I upgraded to the latest version. I have been having to record the runs manually, which does not give an accurate m/m reading.