I have promised peace to meet all of your needs according to My glorious riches. Your deepest, most constant need is for My Peace. I have planted Peace in the garden of your heart, where I live; but there are weeds growing there too: pride, worry, selfishness, unbelief. I am the Gardener, and I am working to rid your heart of those weeds. I do My work in various ways. When you sit quitely with Me, I shine the Light of My presence directly into your heart. I n this heavenly Light, Peace grows abundantly and weeds shrivel up. I also send trials into your life. When you trust Me in the midst of trouble, Peace flourishes and weeds die away. Thank Me for troublesome situations; the Peace they can produce far outweights the trials you endure.

Phil 4:19 – And the same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, when have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

2 Cor 4:17 – For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever.

God will provide what I need the most when I need it. It my no be what I think I need, but He knows what I need more than I do. He created me. To have peace in the middle of life’s struggles is so great, you cannot try to put a value on it.

I have had that before, and I know what the author is talking about. We need to remember that God’s grace and peace does not come to us because of what we do, actions we perform that are good, or stops because of sins we commit. Sure, intimacy with Him will cease if we are in sin, and our hearts are not right, but God will pour grace on our lives according to our heart’s condition.

It is the same as with our children. We don’t love them less when they do bad things, we look at their heart, and if they are truly sorry for the wrongs they have done, if they are then we, as parents, find it easier to give grace to the situation. They may still be disciplined for the wrongdoing, though.

The author says “When you sit quietly with me, He shines the light of presence in your heart.” This is so true. quiet times is when God is able to shine His presence, and there is simply no better place you would want to be when that happens. It changes your life. Alters who you are. Provides a filter over you that you see through when looking at the outside world. It all can go away though as we get busy and begin to reorganize our priorities.

Sometimes I think that I am too busy to have a quiet time with God. Will I ever grow out of that? How can I, after being a follower of God for so many years still struggle with the one thing that draws me into intimacy with Him? Maybe it is because Satan knows the power in that, and will do anything to busy my life so that I feel the pressure of time.

No matter what, God is faithful. Every time I draw closer to Him, He is always there to meet me and provide His presence and peace in my heart.