I have not been running. Not in the last 10 days. Just can’t make myself do it.

Yesterday I went get an allergy shot. I have been struggling with fatigue in a major way. Just can’t shake it. I know it is allergies. That is my number one symptom, fatigue. Anyway, it has been impacting my work, and I feel my workload is more than I can ever remember. Mostly taxes have been “taxing” me. Need to get them out today if possible. Also the two disclosures I’m writing right now, one must be submitted by Monday, and today is Tuesday. I have it started, but so much to work on.

We are working on our first disclosure we are going to keep, PBM. I have that one almost done. That has taken so much of my time to get it to the point where I can prove everything can be done in the disclosure that I have in there. At least that one is almost done.

Hopefully the steroid shot will help me get over this hump. I am also struggling with the family situation. It is difficult to keep everyone where they need to be, keep up with the house and still get my work done. Last night I took a couple hours off and watched a movie, but I feel guilty doing that. I take no time off for myself right now, under so much stress.

This does not happen often, thank God.

The plane is sitting in the garage. I need to work on it, but there is no time to give to it. I feel guilty about that all of the time, daily. It is a struggle to think about.

The guy I am mentoring  is doing so good! I thank God for where he is. What an honor to have him in my life. God continue your work with him, let him know your peace and presence today. I love you God.