3 miles today. HOT! Probably mid 80s. Shoulda gone earlier, but waited. Had taken about 10 days off, then started back 2 days ago with a 3 miler, and today’s 3 miles. Was sore getting going, but at mile 2 the thigh sore ness left, and I was good until the last mile. Just felt worn out at mile three, probably due to the heat, but also because I have not been consistant enough. Made it through though. Still around 12 minute miles. Super slow, but that isn’t important, just need to get the miles in. Maybe I need to sign up for an upcoming race. Waiting for the right time to do that.

I’m not consistant enough yet. Need to go for more slow 2 and 3 milers to build up the endurance to be able to go further, while enjoying it. It is nice to be running again though. I’m thinking about getting a heart-rate monitor. This will change everything.

I want to get to the point where I can do 6 miles in the AM, enjoy it thoroughly and not hurt during or after. How long will it take to get there? After about 3-4 weeks of consistant running, I believe.