An analogy …

As I go throughout my day today, it is like me walking through a jungle, thick with reeds and brush. I am not alone, God is there ahead of me clearing a path. He has a sharp machete that He uses to clear the brush ahead of me. As I walk,  a path is cleared for me by God. He clears out dangerous animals that may be there to attack me. All I have to continually do is to know in my heart that I am able to walk on the cleared path ONLY because of God’s leading and ability to make my path clear and danger free. It is not my ability, but God’s alone.

God knows that, because He is clearing a path for me, I have the propensity to lean on my own strength though, and God knows that will lead me down a path that is dangerous.

So, in His great understanding, does something that causes me to get realigned with His need of provision. He may allow me to go off of the cleared path and see the true environment that we are traveling through.

As I veer off of the cleared path, I begin to run into the thick brush. I cannot make my way as easily as it was when I was following God’s path. I have tools I can use, but they are nowhere near the tools that God has. These tools are of my own ability, they are not as sharp as God’s tools, and do not have near the strength to use the tools as God does to clear the bush.

I push branches out of the way, run into tall brush that I find very difficult to get around, and begin to see the prey that is out to cause me danger. I am creating my own path through the journey, doing it on my own. God is not there to clear things out of my way, protect me from danger.

I may even get attacked by prey, or cut by the brush. BUT, it was my decision to leave the protection of God. He did not cause me to go off the path, it was my decision alone.

I can turn to Him and he will be there to give me comfort and lead me back to the clear path, or I can stay off of God’s path and fight the brush and the prey myself. It is my decision. God WILL come to my aid if I put myself down and, from my heart call upon Him. There is not doubting that. It takes a lack of pride though. Many times I want to do things on my own, thinking that I can create my own path through the jungle, make my own decisions about which way I think is the best way to go. The problem is that when I do that, I do not have the protection that God provides.

As I traverse the jungle without His assistance, he views me. Just waiting for me to call upon Him with a heart of humbleness. He hurts for me just as I hurt for one of my children going down a path that will cause pain and danger. He waits, quietly. He cannot help me unless I ask of His assistance. He has provided incredible promises to me, and will keep those promises. There are always conditions associated with His provisions. I need to acknowledge that I am completely submissive to Him, that I am nothing without His grace and protection.

He never forces Himself upon me. He gave me a freedom to either choose Him, or do things on my own. This is both the beauty and the dilema of  man’s freedom of choice. We can choose God, or not.

Hebrews 6:16-18
Matthew 7:8
Luke 11:10
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