“Seek to live in my love”

When you interact with others, see them from “My perspective”. You do this by seeing through the lens of love. We are talking abut an alteration of your thinking.

There are times when I become quite impatient with others. Maybe I have been hurt by them, or possibly my pride has been hurt. Anyway, I want to lash back in anger, or just be impatient with them.

If I am looking through this “lens of love” Sarah talks about, then I will put away my feelings about the current situation, and see that everyone has a story, and they feel justified just as I.

When I find myself being impatient with others in my life, that is a sure sign that I need to come back home, reconnect with Christ, and allow Him to work in my heart once again.

We never do “arrive”, we are on a long journey. There are mountains, and valleys. God blesses us at times on the mountain, but also knows that we learn the most in the valleys. It is in the valleys we sense our own incompetencies, and need more than what we can provide. Sucks being there, and we are ALWAYS there too long (in our opinion).

Sorta like a baseball team. It is fun when they win every game of the season, all the way through the Championship post-season tournament, but they learn so much more when they are losing games. They have to dig deeper than when they are winning, stretch themselves.

Comes down to His Presence in our daily lives. It is all about His Presence. His Presence is they key to living a successful life. Success in a true way, not as the world defines success, but as God defines it… no comparison. Nothing the world offers comes close to the indescribable feeling of inward peace you have with the world around you is crashing down.

The world can’t understand it, think you are crazy! But you turn and smile, knowing that they are missing out, and quietly say a small prayer that one day they see the truth. It’s all about serving an awesome God. One that we will never understand. To describe Him leads to frustration, a sign that He actually is God.