God has chosen ME to to walk with Him on paths designed uniquely for me.

So, if God has designed path for me, it would be also His desire to lead me to those paths. I have the choice to choose God’s path, or my own. There are benefits on both sides.

If I choose my own path (we’ll call it the first path), I will be in control, doing what I want. I will not have to answer to anyone. In making my own choices, I will benefit from the immediate gratification of my flesh. I won’ t have to wait for anything, because I trust in my own ability to obtain my needs.

If I choose God’ s path, I will have submit. Submission means that I will not be able to do what I want, when I want. Due to God’s nature, it will be necessary to retain intimacy with Him as that is the path to true freedom. This takes tenacity. He requires so much.

So why choose God’s path?

The first path is the easy path, but walking down that path will allow the natural consequences to apply. Meaning, for every choice that is of a selfish nature, there is a corresponding consequence. Remember, you are outside of God’s principles, therefore, you must face the consequences for your choice. Sin is fun, feels good, etc. We all know that is a factual statement. The consequences are not that bright, though.

The second path is a much tougher path. Once on the path for awhile though, I believe that it becomes somewhat easier though, probably due to the understanding of the blessings that comes through living an unselfish life. Another reason this is a better path is the internal blessings God bestows on us when we follow His path. Blessings that pertain to many different parts of our life: our relationships, peace through tough times, guidance in our decisions, joy that is not conditional on our circumstances, etc.

The second path is not as smooth as the first. To be on the second path, we need to stay connected with God, and He knows that we naturally are bent toward selfishness. God will not always “rescue” us in the tough parts of the path. He knows that those are the times when we get refocused on Him. Like I said, the second path is the tougher choice, but has benefits that are incomparable with the first choice.

As humans we do things because of the payoff they give us. If you think about it, all of your choices you have made reflects the payoff you receive from making that choice. To choose the second path, we need to keep in mind what the payoff is. The largest payoff is becoming a child of God, and retaining His Presence in our life. There is nothing on the first path that can even fractionally compare to that payoff.