“I speak to you continually, although not always through words I fling glorious sunsets across the sky. I speak through the the faces and voices of loved ones. I caress you with a gentle breeze that refreshes and delights you. I speak softly in the depths of your spirit, where I have taken up residence.
– Sarah Young

Just this morning I was sitting outside having some quiet time and was noticing the breeze (it is quite windy today). Then I read the devotion and she spoke of it as well. It is so refreshing to feel the breeze against my skin.

I have been trying to spend quiet time, I mean really quiet time each morning. I believe God desires this of me, and it has not been too easy. I believe it will become easier the more I do it. Here is the goal:

  • Turn off all of my senses (best I can)
  • Close my eyes
  • Just relax
I feel that is where I would be the most receptive before God, and I also feel like I need to do it more often. It is difficult to turn off you senses, matter of fact, I have found that it is impossible. I’ll keep at it though, and try different things until I get that connection.
God is into relationship. He wants to communicate with my Spirit more than anything. He desires me to be blessed by His Presence. I want to be led by Him daily. More and more throughout my day. I have come so far, but feel the further I go, the more I realize I have yet to travel. It is indeed a good path to be on. Sure beats doing things on my own.
God has a way of stretching me. Makes me uncomfortable. Matter of fact, I feel that the old self was content with comfort, but now I am continually being stretched. I love it! It makes me excited to be alive!