Thought I’d step back for a bit and reflect on my training a bit.

Completed week 4 of my 19 week training program for the White Rock Marathon Dec ’11. My thoughts are mixed. Yesterday I ran my 9. The last two miles were simply impossible. I did make it through though, running more the last mile than the second to last. I feel that I need to tell my body that I’m running longer now, and it rejects it. My thoughts are that the longer my long runs get, the more used to it my body will become. Still, 9 miles is just over 1/3 of a marathon, tough to get around that right now, but I’m only 4 weeks into a 19 week program.

Still, I am not enjoying running like I used to. I forgot how in shape I used to be. Slowing down for 2 years is really taking its toll. Even 3 miles is tough right now. And my time is dismal. All of these things DO NOT matter to me (I guess they do, or I wouldn’t be mentioning it). I just need to stay the course and I believe things will work themselves out in the end.

Next week I may get a watch for my birthday which will help me track my heart rate. I’m excited because I can then track how my heart works less as I get into better shape.

I’m using Runtracker which keeps track of everything, great program.

Overall, I’m very glad I’m running again. Never had time before I reorganized my schedule to take care of important things first. Changed my whole life.

Next week I run 21 miles. Running 20+ miles in a week was always my goal, so I will hit another milestone. It also includes a 10 mile long run. Rest assured that I’ll find a route that has less hills. Second thought is I may run the same route. Hills are good. I HATE them, but they are good training.