Yesterday I had a meeting where the entire time, we kept bringing our thoughts back to scripture. We would challenge each other with finding a scripture to back up our thinking, and without fail, there were always one or more scriptures reflecting our thoughts.

It started me thinking … What if I did the same thing with my children. When they came to me with an issue, or we were just talking about anything, I would bring into the conversation a related scripture. “What does the book say…” The ramifications of doing this over time would be enormous!

  • They would begin to see that their father truly sought to reflect the bible in his daily life.
  • It would challenge them to know the bible as well as their father.
  • I would be leaving a legacy to them that is the best legacy a man could give to his children.
  • They would begin to see God in their real life more than they do presently.
  • They would begin to think about how the bible, and its principles play a part in their decision making.

This endeavor requires much tenacity. The ability to draw up related scripture given a circumstance does not come easy. There are things that have to be done:

  • Get a list of “life scriptures”. Scriptures that mean a lot to you, and are principles to guide you.
  • Carry them with you at all times
  • When you are alone, driving, or just have some time, take it to continue to memorize the verses, and where it is located in the bible.
  • THINK! In normal life, always think outside the box, if there are scriptures that relate to the situation at hand.
I have already started doing this, but need to renew my commitment. This truly (as a father) can have an impact on everything I desire to do right in my life.
Doing this activity truly can have a lasting change in who I am as a husband, father, spiritual leader, etc. There is no choice, it must be done!!