Last night I attended my graduation ceremony from “The Academy” – Small Business Entrepreneurial School. I was honored to sit there and recap all of what the Lord has done in my life. Tammy was so pretty, and blessed me by what she said about us.

I am on a road to blessings that I have never known, I know it is going to happen, soon. This is an incredible road I am fixing to travel. I feel blessed  to be where I am.

It seems as though each rough patch I hit in my career was another stepping stone that God can use to further His cause in my life. Each one! It is amazing that the events that occurred prior to me taking the Academy were those things that were quite necessary allowing me to fit into the program, at the exact time.

I am humbled to be where I am. Daily, I need to remember to count others higher than myself. Daily I need to retain intimacy with God. There is so much at stake, and more responsibility is on the way.

As Tim mentioned last night: “You are who you REALLY are when you are alone in a hotel room away from home.”

God desires to work through men of character. True character. Not a show, but the real deal. He can truly work through those men because they are more in tune with His heart.