Sarah begins the devotion about forgiveness, but then turns a corner to touch on her persistent  discussions of Christ’s Presence.

The path we follow together is sometimes steep and slippery.

There is no secret as to the difficulty following Christ. Any true believer would agree. It is downright tough at times. The toughest part being the denial of yourself – goes against human nature, but it is selfish, and completely sinful.

“Look info My Face and feel the warmth of My Love-Light shining upon you. It is the unconditional Love that frees you from both fears and sins. Spend time basking in the Light of My Presence. As you come to know Me more and more intimately, you grow increasingly free.”

I want to stop for a moment and think of what Christ brings to the table for me. I cannot overlook the completeness of His plan:

  • He gave Himself completely on the cross, paying the price for MY sins.
  • I retain His righteousness as He takes my sins.
  • He desires to become intimate in our communication. (This is the creator!)
  • As I look to Him, I become free of my sin burdens.
  • He desires above all else to bless me in ways I cannot even begin to understand.
  • He provides to me His infallible Word.
  • All He asks of me is to trust that He has my best interests at ALL times.
  • He doesn’t barge into my heart, but stands at the door and quietly knocks (Rev. 3:20)
  • He promises to renew my mind (actually change me!) as I turn away from the world (Rom 12:2)
  • His grace (unmerited favor) extends far beyond anything wrong that I did, do, and will do.
  • He provides me eternal life in heaven.
I just realized that I had to add the last item as an afterthought. So many look to Christ for what they can receive in return – eternal life. A true believe (in my opinion) will realize that He offers so much more than that in their current life, He enriches life! I cannot imagine life without Him.
I have mentioned this to an untold amount of people: “Sarah Young’s ‘Jesus Calling’ is an unbelievable devotional”. This woman had a connection with Jesus that is uncanny. So many have mentioned that the daily reading was exactly what they needed, and what reflected what they were going through at the time. I have to agree.