Life happens. Sometimes as we like it, sometimes not. When things are “flowing” our way, we tend to lean on our own strength and wisdom. When tough times come, we tend to look upward for assistance. It is just the way we are, our human nature.

That is the part that I find easy to understand.

The somewhat more difficult occurrence is what happens when I slip from my devotions. I KNOW what I need to do … quiet/intimate time with Christ daily. This is a non-negotiable in life. Well, not really daily, but a daily habit. If I skip a day, things aren’t going to cave in, but there is something about having a quite time carved out of the best time of my day.

There are so many reasons this has to happen, and I could go into it, but you probably know the importance.

It amazes me that I can allow my busyness to get in the way even though I know the importance and the priority my quiet time should have each day.

I bring this up not because I have slipped in my devotions, but because of the temptation I have to allow it to happen. It is singularly the most important thing I must do each day, and yet I find myself bringing up excuses in why I can skip it. I have a feeling that I KNOW the importance, but do I really? I believe at times I am much too self-sufficient. I do not realize that I am much better off leaning on Christ than trying to go through my day on my own strength.

I tell people all the time of the importance in memorizing scriptures, digging into the Word of God and owning it, but do I honestly live day-to-day like I really believe that? What would I do if I honestly believed that?

I would realize the importance of memorizing scriptures, and do it. Why? Because if I truly believed that God’s Word was:

  • guiding
  • directing
  • all wisdom
  • all powerful
  • infallible
  • and a connection to the only One why provides peace and joy in my life

I would not treat it the way I currently do. I talk a good talk, but my current priorities do not reflect my words. When I stop and think about the importance of God’s Presence in my daily life, I somehow sober up and realize there are changes that need to be made, priorities that need to change, actions that I need to do.

Then life happens, and alters my priorities again, and the cycle begins again. When will I get off of this roller coaster? Not sure, maybe never. But, I will continue to pursue the most important thing in my life – an intimacy with Christ, and ever seeking His Presence in my daily life.