The more I get into the deeper water following Christ, the more I realize that faith (or trust) is a key component. Let me explain:

Christ wants me to trust that He is guiding me down the best path for my life (Psalms 32:8). Him guiding me does not depend of my lack of sin. He looks at my heart. I will sin everyday but what does my heart desire? What are my actions after I sin? Do I want to go on and hide it from Him, or do I truly in my heart want to change?

When things fall apart in my life, He wants me to trust Him! I need to see beyond whatever the circumstance is, and have faith that He has things in control, NO MATTER THE SITUATION! Whether I am on a mountain above all of my problems, or deep in the valley going through problems at every turn, He is there with me, and promises to make everything turn out for my benefit (Romans 8:28).

It is difficult to realize that He will work everything together for my benefit when problems arise. I will only sense that if I am truly connected with Him daily. Otherwise I will fall into feeling sorrow for myself.

As Sarah says, He will lead us down the mountain eventually where we can interact with others and shine His light in our lives. We cannot stay on the mountain where we are super-connected with Him, away from all of our problems and other people. He desires us to mingle with others so His faithfulness in our lives can be a light to others.

Remember, it isn’t what you say to others, it is more about the way you live your life. This is what others sense. They will see your unshakable foundation that you have built your life on and inquire of where you get your strength.

Years ago, I had a neighbor that was not a believer. I never outright spoke to him about my relationship with Christ, but was a good friend to him. Tough times fell on him; his mother was very sick, and the same week his dog of 14 years died. Needless to say, he was having a tough time burying his dog one evening. His wife came to the door and told me about the situation and asked if I could come over and talk with him. I was able to go into his backyard and pray with him, share the love of Christ at time when he was open due to his hurting.

It wasn’t what I had said to that couple that caused his wife to come over and request my help, it is the life that I lived. They sensed I had a foundation that was strong, and was able to give assistance to them in their rough time.

Christ give us strength that we can make it through the rough times in life. We obtain an ability to not see the problems of life in their own light, but we are able to look above the problems from an ariel view. There is someone in our lives that is larger than all of this, guiding us and making things work out in the end that benefits us.