I’m 10 weeks into my marathon training. Still haven’t signed up for the race yet. Told myself I wouldn’t unless I was sure I was going to do it. Not sure when that will be. It may be when I find out they are almost full and I HAVE to sign up.

Major sinus infection this week. First one ever. Threw me down and kept me there. My productivity went to zero this week, as almost did my running. Got in a 7 mid week, but missed my Tues and Thurs runs. I shifted the long run (15 miles) from Saturday to Sunday (this morning).

Got ready to head out at 5am, and walked out, RAINING! Pretty steady. I didn’t care, I was going to make it through. After reading Lone Survivor (Marcus Latrell) and his Navy Seals and what they went through, what is a little rain going to do to me? Well at mile 3, I finally turned around, SOAKED! I believe I made a right decision as I am still not feeling too well, and pushing the long run off one more day won’t hurt a bit.

Hopefully it will be dry in the morning. Oh yea, right when I was getting home, it completely stopped raining. Too late, I was literally soaked, and the wind was very cold. I KNOW I made the right decision.

I have to get the long run in though. It is critical to not skip them, and I have not skipped any yet. Guess it will be an early day tomorrow.