Time is of short supply these days. That isn’t really true. We have the same amount of time as anyone has ever had. It only seems like I don’t have enough time because we are pushing non-stop, and that makes time a valuable commodity.

Sarah says that it takes time to be Holy. She mentions that we need to understand what is going on when we commit time to God, what He is accomplishing within us.

Transformed is the key word. Reminds me of Romans 12:1-2. This doesn’t happen without time.

A relationship with God is similar to a relationship with anyone you desire to be close to. Think about the time it takes to know someone. It doesn’t happen automatically, but the intimacy is cultivated over time. Quality time spent with the other person.

So, God is not requiring something that is difficult for us to reason with. He is always more than fair. I believe I struggle with conceiving the incredible benefits I would receive once I commit and provide Him quality time daily. I say that because if I truly understood the change that I would have by owing this, I would have no issue carving out time for Him in every day. The amount of time I spent with Him would not matter either because you find time for what you prioritize in life.

Sarah attempts to bring out some of these benefits in today’s devotion; emotional and physical healing, a nearness to Christ that strengthens your faith and fills you with Peace, you become a cleansed temple of the Holy Spirit, who is able to do in and through you immeasurably more than you ask or imagine.

To summarize, it all comes down to priorities. You will have not problem finding time for what is important to you.