Sometimes the road is rough, sometimes is flys by without any troubles. Regardless, Christ is there always.

Currently, I am fighting. Fighting so much that it is difficult to put my finger on it. I feel at times I am in a fog, just not keeping up with all that is around me. The work is surrounding me, and I am not able to organize and find any foundation amidst the swirl of chaos. 

Sounds like a prescription for quiet time. -Exactly what I was thinking. Also sounds like I need to organize my tasks and my schedule.

That is one of the reasons I like to blog. Puts my thoughts on paper, thus I can see things from sorta an outside perspective.

Things have not been going too well. I have forsaken all running (In the last 8 days, I have run 2x), the thing is that I am so busy, there is no guilt; there is just no way I can do it – that actually helps the situation, because I’m not sure where I’d be if I had the pressure to run.

My devotions are going pretty good, but never good enough. There is always more I can do to connect with Christ, but what a faithful God He is. I am learning through these difficult times to lean on Him. Will I ever stop learning? Naa.

Actually the dust is beginning to clear. The massive project is due midnight tonight, so after that things should return to normal. I need to get back on my schedule and prioritize my tasks. I’m not far off, just not where I need to be.