Learned a bit yesterday … Actually it was an eye-opener. I was having some issues with some of the guys in my business and discussing it with Tammy. She mentioned that I should pray. I didn’t feel like praying, actually it was the last thing on my mind. It hit me that as the spiritual leader, my wife is asking me to pray, DUH!! I prayed.

Half way through the prayer, I stopped and realized I was giving the situation over to God, just like I write about wanting to do, and just like I pray about all the time. It was an “light bulb” moment for me.

This reflects what I say all the time: “I have no issues connecting with God in my quiet times, but I do in my daily activities.” Well this was indeed a turning point. Right after the prayer, I felt that it was no longer my problem. I had given it over to God, and He would handle it.

The work got done last night and I became wiser about who works for me, so I couldn’t have done anything better by worrying about it. How I need to learn this in my life.

Through the discussion with Tammy regarding this issue, I got emotional and raised my voice to her, AT A SOCCER GAME! Wow, what an idiot I felt like. In trying to make a point, I want to talk faster and raise my voice. She sees this as screaming at her. Why, because I am screaming at her. I had to apologize and repent. I never want to treat her that way, and it is wrong.

I have some work to do in my life. I screw up at times, I know that. I have never been a man that gets weighed down in my wrong doings, but gets back up, repents and moves on. Did that yesterday. Serving Christ doesn’t mean that you are perfect, or even better than others. I means that you have a foundation of grace you work from. He is ever faithful, even when we aren’t.

Yesterday was a good day, a learning day in more ways than one. Serving God is indeed a journey. He doesn’t expect perfection, He knows that we are prone to cave into our selfish tendencies. He provides forgiveness for a repentant heart, and establishes connection again when our heart is right. We serve a truly wonderful God.