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Today, Rebekah ends soccer. She has played since she was 6, and she is 22. She was a serious  player, having only soccer as her thing, forsaking all other activities. She missed very little though as she loved the sport so much. One day she will coach others. I have told her that for about 4 years now. She has to! She has so much to give back, and young girls would LOVE to have her as a coach. Her personality will make her invaluable to a team of young girls. How serious she gets into coaching is up to her, but I foresee coming to some of her games in the future.

Today, is Senior day at TWU, the last game of the season (for them). We will get to walk with her on the field and be with her.

I am so proud of the young woman she has become. She has her head on straight and (most importantly) has a soft heart toward God.

She has had some rough patches through her soccer years. I put her on a D1 team as a Sophomore. The coach mentioned that he wanted her, but sat her almost the entire year. Even to the point where she would travel and not play in games more than 5-10 minutes. A leaning lesson, you bet.

After that year (we stuck through it all), a much better team picked her up. A team that is a year older. She rose quickly to a starter on that team, and finished out her select years with them.

I believe God worked through soccer to teach my daughter some valuable life lessons. I’m a believe in very competitive sports, if you child is desiring to play at that level. The life lessons learned can be monumental in shaping their character.