So much to blog about this morning….

First, the devotional. Today Sarah talked about the lack of resting in the digital world. I guess this used to be an issue with me (before I realized the value of quiet time) but it really isn’t a big deal anymore. I’m truly wired. Have to be with my business. Wired all the time. I got a phone that can keep me wired at all times, and downloaded apps on it so I can be anywhere (with wireless service) and still be completely connected. It is a need for me, and my business would suffer greatly if I was not able to be reached at anytime.

That is why the first thing when I roll out of bed is quiet time. No radio on in the house (Madison always has a radio/iPod playing when she is getting ready), no television on, nothing but silence. Read Sarah’s devotion and just try to connect with Christ. It has become a habit. Something that is just done daily. It has been that way since early in 2011, and due to its utmost importance will stay.

I believe that it is where every believer needs to be. I have issue pushing my beliefs on others. Meaning that I believe MY way is best. It is a wrong attitude! People need to connect with Christ the way that works for them, not necessarily my way. What works for you is what will become a habit in your life. Just understand the importance and make it happen whatever way works in your day.

I do have trouble taking a day off of working. Sometimes (yesterday, for example) Sunday is some of my best work. I believe it is valuable to take a day off on the weekend. I just can’t get to where I do it every week. There is so much going on right now in my work that to take a day off is such a beating, I don’t believe it is worth it. A couple months ago I took an entire weekend off. The amount of scheduling it took for me to do that almost offset the benefits of having the days off. Therefore, I gave up.

Last night I watched a lot of sports. Dallas beat up on the Rams, and the 4th game of the World Series (Rangers beat the Cardinals). That is about 5 hours of sports. Throughout the games, I was working on the website, and got a lot done. Sorta out of the box stuff like redesign and graphic generation. It was good work, valuable time. I guess I could have just watched the games, but I’m not much of a sports guy and while I enjoy the game, I feel it is a time waster if I’m not doing something else.

Today is looking like a great day. No meetings scheduled (although many this week). Going to spend some time with Tammy shopping and just enjoying they day. I am appreciating the fact that when I work on the weekend, I can lay low on a Monday and just chill with my wife. Do I miss the employee days? I’ll let you answer that one yourself. Having my own business(s) is completely awesome. There are so many more pressures, but times like this makes it so worthwhile. Especially now that I’ve been doing this long enough (almost 3 years), things are running a bit smoother. I’ll let you guys struggle with the morning commute and staying at the office 9 or so hours. I’ll be connecting with my wife, not worrying about pleasing the boss, or deadlines, etc.

Don’t misunderstand me – having my own business many times if WAY more stressful than working for someone else. It is not cut out for just anyone. The responsibility is at times daunting. There are times when I have questioned the entire entrepreneurial thing. Today is not one of those days.

It’s a morning of thanksgiving.