Juggling … that is my life right now. I have three “businesses” going on right now, each taking up some of my time. At times, one of them takes ALL my time, and the other two take a backseat, usually with consequences.

Without a daily updated, prioritized task list, my life would be out of control. The task list keeps me honest, and makes sure that I’m working on the best thing all the time. I started doing this earlier this year and it has simply changed my life.

My hope is that one or more of the three will one day allow me to be financially secure, but the truth is that if one of them dies, I’ll have two others off the ground so it really isn’t a big hit.

See, I worked in corporate for 19 years out of college, depending on the bi-weekly checks. Made a decent living, although never felt I had margin in my finances. I cheated God out of His share because I decided to live slightly above my income (called debt). When you owe credit cards, it is difficult to give God His 10%.

I mention this because of the importance I place on giving God His share. I do not give to God because the organization I give to needs the money, I give because of who God is. He deserves to have my 10%+, and I am more in His will when I do.

“God lives in the margin of our lives.” I heard this from Andy Stanley long ago, and it stuck. The margin of our finances, time, etc. When we have margin, and we have a heart to serve God, we give in the margin to Him, and He blesses. I have seen this personally and believe this with my whole heart.

Back to my current situation.

“Keep the main thing the main thing.” I say that all the time, but it is more than something I just tell people; I live my life by it. No matter how busy things get, the main thing is intimacy with Christ. It needs to happen each day, first thing in the morning (for me).

Reading SarahYoung’s “Jesus Calling” has brought such depth to my intimacy with Christ. It is a daily devotion, a single page you read daily through the year with about 3 scriptures at the bottom. Simple, yet profound. She gets intimacy with God through seeking His presence in your life daily. No other book has impacted me as much as this book. I cannot recommend the devotional enough.

Today she hits on coming to Christ when you are hurting, when you are joyful. In your pain, He will soothe you, in joy He will multiply it many times over. She says:

“I am all you need, just when you need it. Your deepest desires find fulfillment in Me alone”

Typing that changes me, because of what it means to me. Christ is our complete fulfillment. He is more than when we can want, He is our perfect friend who loves us regardless of what we have done, or am doing. No one understands us like Him, yet desires to bring out our best.

I lay down my life to unconditionally serve Christ. Why? Because of who He is, deserving!