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Overall my running has suffered.

I have all but cut it out entirely. Since my businesses started getting out of hand, I have not found time to go. I went 2x last week, but because of my lack of consistency, I am noticing that my wind has suffered, even on shorter runs.

Training for the marathon was a different experience. I never really enjoyed my running like I have always experienced. Running was a chore, and one that I felt I would push myself 90% of the time. In the past, running was all about enjoyment, removal of stress, and just getting out there and having fun.

I want to return to that again, badly. I guess I realized that it takes time to build up and get to that point.  I have run pretty consistently since college, except that last few years. I need to build up to the point where I am able to run consistently, WITH enjoyment. When I get there, and average about 22 miles per week, I believe I’ll have the foundation to train for a marathon.

Training for a marathon requires such a commitment of time and energy. You must have complete commitment, and be ready to sacrifice many areas of your life to make it happen. I guess working for myself plays a large part in my current situation.

Before I tackle my next marathon training, I’ll be more capable of acknowledging the tremendous shift in priorities it takes to succeed.