God, at times, closes the hand.

Clear pools of drinking water a the foot of the mountain comes from springs high in the mountain. These pools at times dry up. We forget that the pools are originated high in the mountain. At times, God in his sovereignty stops the springs allowing us to experience the lack of clear drinking water, or our blessings. We must remember that the blessings of our life are not a result of our doings, but are given to us from the One above.

The Christian life is a series of events forcing us to a greater trust in God. God brings situations forcing us to rely on Him alone. Certain things are always there and He will  withdraw them as He understands that there is a tendency for us to trust in things He has provided.

Why does God do this? He knows our tendencies. He understands that if we have all of our means taken care of at all times, we have a tendency to depend on our own strength, instead of looking at Him.

I had a bi-weekly check for 12 straight years. I didn’t know it, but I depended on it, and was frustrated when it was taken away through a layoff. After I lost my job, I refocused the source of my means. I viewed things differently. I’m not saying that God CAUSED me to lose my job, but I believe he allowed me to lose my job to help me to see the truth; I am not the source of my means. All good things are from Him alone.

Psalm 44:6 “I do not trust in my bow; I do no count on my sword to save me.”

Psalm 57:2 “I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill His purpose for me.”