Take some time today, quiet time. Time just to be with God. This may sound cliche’, but just stay with me here …

God is not moved by time. He is timeless. We forget this in our ultra-fast paced world. We move always (if not physically, mentally). We are connected to the Internet at every turn, our technical generation leads to mental “noise” all the time.

Time is required in a relationship, remember this when thinking about your desire to become more intimate with God. Married folks, remember when you prioritized time with your boy/girl friend? There was no issue because it was important for you. I have said this before, you find time for things that are important for you.

I’m mentoring a guy who is in school, working, girlfriend, etc. There are weeks where he is completely swamped. In those times my advice is to dig deep and prioritize what is important. This is the time of proof. The testing period where your heart’s desires shine through.

Not talking about perfection here. Perfection is desiring of yourself more than what God requires. We are not perfect, none of us. It is more of a  deep heart’s desire that shows itself in time.

The benefits are wonderful if you commit to time with Him, so many it is difficult to know where to start. Two things I will mention are those two items you will encounter that the world will never truly offer: Peace in your life, and joy in any circumstance … ANY!  This is worth any sacrifice.

It isn’t what you GET from God serving Him, it is an attitude of serving Him because of who He is, and an understanding that we are not where we are supposed to be outside of laying down our lives to serve Him.