“Needing me is the key to knowing me intently.”

As usual, Sarah hit it the nail on the head.

Do I want to know Christ more? Yes! That is an easy question.

Do I need Him in my life today? Yes as well, but hang on. My need of Him still depends too much on my current situation.

There are times when all I am hanging on is who Christ is in my life. All of my strength is used, all of my pursuing has come up empty. I turn to Christ and seek His grace and wisdom easily.

There are other times when all is fine though. Smooth sailing throughout the week. My business is running great, tasks list completed, relationships secured. These times (in my lack of need) I act as though I do not need God: I may skip some quiet time in the morning. I may “forget” to do my devotions or take some time out of my day for Him.

What is the change moving forward?

God isn’t a vending machine where you put in a prayer and you receive intimacy with Him. He is a relationship where you cultivate intimacy through daily communication (quiet time). He promises to be there when you come to Him:

James 4:8 – Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

If we draw near to God, he will reciprocate and draw near to us. Drawing near to God is spending time with Him, worshiping Him, praying and talking to Him, inviting Him into every aspect of our lives.

Coming near to God does not mean seeking Him when you “need” something. Doesn’t work that way, nor should it.

Serving God is a daily walk. His promises are unending, but they are fulfilled through relationship. That is what He most desires of us, relationship.