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I have learned some things lately, I have learned that I have a long way to go. It isn’t an depressing feeling, but one of me being on the right path, and knowing it.

As a parent, I attend my kids sporting events. It isn’t something that I choose to go to, it is something that just happens, because they are my kids. Sure I’m busy, but as I have said in the past – many times, “you make time for what is important for you”.

Right now, my youngest is 14, and other than the two in college, I have a Junior in high school, my time is getting short in terms of sporting events. Each of them know that their father prioritized them in their lives because he went to most of their events.

I can’t imagine pushing this off on my wife. Why should she have to be the one responsible for going? I believe it is MORE important for the father to be there.

I believe one of the main issues in today’s society is the lack of fathers in the family. Not that they are not present (although that is a large issue), it is an issue of them not leading the family spiritually. Prioritizing my kids sporting events in my busy schedule reflects leading the family spiritually. They may sound unrelated, but they most definitely are.

Tough job being the spiritual leader. My wife took this role for many years of our marriage, although the role has switched and I now am clearly there.  Not sure what happened and when, but I got serious about God. I toyed so long with jumping in the deep water with Him but never did it. 2011 was a different year for me. Almost through the entire year, I have found myself seeking His Presence more.

Spoke with my wife about this, and she mentioned that she was the spiritual leader in the past but it has shifted. She mentioned that it made her feel so secure knowing that I was taking the responsibility to lead the family spiritually.

What does that even mean, Spiritual Leader? It is difficult for me to explain, but here are some thoughts (IMO):

  • I am responsible for leading each of the family leaders towards Christ.
  • I push them to develop and maintain an intimate relationship with God.
  • When events arise, I do not shy away, but face them head on and own the problem.

As I mentioned, when a husband/father serves God, this automatically occurs. “Serves God” is so vague – when he seeks daily to pursue God and his heart reflects a heart that is soft towards the things of God.