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On my heart this morning is something that has been on my heart for awhile … maintaining a close relationship with the Lord. As you may know, I have been a believer since I was 14 years old (~30 years). Through all those years, I have not strayed from the Lord, but there have been many periods (years) where I did not SEEK the Lord. I still had a heart to serve Him, but I did not maintain intimacy with Him. I did not regularly spend time with Him daily, or seek His will in my life.

As I spend time talking with others about a close, intimate relation with Christ, at times I forget where I used to be. This year, I have dove into the deeper water. I not only have a heart to serve Him, but I have gone to the next level. Daily, I wake and the first thing on my mind is quiet time with Christ. I understand the criticalness of doing this. I don’t do it daily, but when I miss I am remembering that I did not do it. This is the major difference.

I am beginning to see the incredible benefits of truly serving God. He softens my heart and keeps it soft toward Him. Things that I have struggled with for decades are now able to be tackled. I believe it is because I am finally truly seeking God.

When I speak to others, I want them to just “get it”. I want them to seek God with their whole heart because I realize what it has done in my life.

I was there though .. for too many years. I remember what it was like to be a believer, but not truly seek Him. The issue is that I don’t remember it too often. I want others to simply “get it”. This is where I need to realize that I can play a part in showing Christ to others, but I have no part in changing the condition of another person’s heart. The Holy Spirit has to work in another’s heart, drawing them to an acknowledgment of who Christ is, and their need to lay down their life for Him in all aspects.

I want them to get it though, badly. I want them to realize that there is no comparison of living a life that is completely dedicated to Christ. The blessings of that life are wide and deep. His blessings hit from all sides, many times not even what we are expecting. We were created to serve Him, and outside of that you simply will not be fulfilled.

How do they get there? How did I get there? I cannot answer that question. It is less about the “doing” and more about the heart’s condition. God loves us no matter what we do. It is well understood that we cannot earn our way to intimacy with Christ. Christ looks at the heart of the person. I wish I had a to-do list that described the actions necessary to intimacy with Christ. Doesn’t exist though. It takes yielding to the Holy Spirit and getting serious about serving Him.

I need to remember more often that I can show people Christ, but I can have no part in altering their heart. That is God’s job, and He does it in His own time.