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Never ran out of gas before, up till 2 days ago. I knew I should stop and fill up, even told my son that I was risking it. I didn’t. I went on ahead and dropped him off, and one block prior to the gas station, it just wouldn’t go anymore. The worse thing is, I was heading up on a hill, on a bridge, over an expressway.

God can use situations in our life to teach us something. He did this through this event. Maybe someone can use this, I know I learned something through it.

Ok, heading up the hill the light came on and the engine died. Of course, the “man” in me slammed it in neutral, tried to start it thinking, “Maybe there is a bit more in the tank.” No such luck. Thankfully I made it up the hill and began to roll down the other side. I put the hazards on and made it to a turning lane.

Of course I didn’t have my cell phone – Murphy’s Law moving full force here. And of course I had my Golden Retriever in the back seat, and it was getting dark.

Ok, cool down and think. Looking around, I saw a hotel. Ok, this is what I’ll do. I’ll lock the car, keep Zeke in the backseat and run over to the hotel and call my wife.

My wife … I could hear her now, “David, I can’t believe you thought you’d make it, and you didn’t bring your cellphone.” I knew she was right … Stupid. I felt as dumb as I looked.

This is my daughters car, a Jetta. I didn’t know how empty it could be and still run – the reason I ran out of gas. Every car I drive I know when empty is REALLY empty. This is my nature, run on the edge. It is a stupid personality trait. I blame it on just being a man. Truthfully, it is being stupid. Hey, I don’t argue when someone tells me that I’m not the brightest (at least in some things).

I’m sitting there, thinking what action I’m going to do to get me out of this predicament when I see a white sedan pulling in front of me, backing up. He gets out and asks me if I need any help.

Right away I thought to myself, this guy HAS to be a believer! I tell him I ran out of gas and asked if I could use his cell. Called my wife, which I knew she wouldn’t answer a number that she didn’t recognize. I left her a message. We started to talk about how unsafe the car was where it was parked (with the cars coming over the hill). We moved the car onto the grass off the road and he gave me and Zeke a ride home.

Talking to him, I right away heard that he was a believer. I told him I figured as much and we had a 5 minute ride that was simply wonderful. In those 5 minutes he asked if there was anything that he could pray for me, mentioning that he believed that this wasn’t a mistake and that the Lord guides him to situations for reasons. I prayed for him and he for me.

He dropped us off at home, my wife took me to get gas then to get the car home. Really it was no big deal – thanks to him. What could have been a real big deal turned into a bump in the road.

So, what did I learn from this – plenty. I ask myself if I would have stopped. Maybe, maybe not. I tend to help others after passing the situation through my “busy filter”. If I have time, I offer help. I’m sure this guy had things to do, matter of fact he told me he was going home to work on his budget, which he was dreading because it caused tension between him and his wife – one of the things I prayed for him in the car.

This guy showed me Jesus in this life. He thought of me rather than thinking of himself. Something that I need to do more often.

Philippians 2:3

Don’t be selfish; don’g try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.