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Priorities .. When it comes to a task list, I do best when I prioritize the list and work my way down. Every time I do this I ALWAYS feel more relief of pressure related to my schedule.

When I don’t prioritize, I just tackle what I want to do, which is usually is not the most important. This leaves the most important thing undone, and the pressure of my schedule remains heavy. There is something to say about prioritizing tasks in relation to becoming productive. The key to getting more accomplished is not adding, but prioritizing.

Priority determines the capacity of your time.

What about our life in general?

Think of it this way. Our time can be related to a jar. The jar can represent a day, month, year, or a lifetime. Inside the jar are pebbles and rocks of all sizes. Each small pebble represents all the things in your life that take up your time, things you don’t want to give up but aren’t really that important. They aren’t critical in our life.

Also represented are things that are important to you, these are larger rocks; things like your relationship with God, your spouse, your important relationships.

So we start to fill the jar. We put in rocks/pebbles that fill our time. If we put the larger rocks first, the smaller rocks will fit as they fall over the larger rocks, but if we wait and try to put the larger rocks last, they will not fit inside the jar.

Why don’t we put in the big rocks first? You need to ask yourself what/who is truly important in your life? Do you prioritize the important things in your life? Are they put in first?

Busyness destroys intimacy in relationships. Relationships (with God, your spouse, your kids) take time and priority. Intimate relationships will not be healthy if we do not prioritize them.

By giving God the first moments of your day, you are saying: “God, You are the highest priority of my day.” When I say “Yes” to God the first moments of your day, you are recognizing Him first in your day, it will give you greater insight in what to prioritize during the day. He has a way to help you give attention to the truly important things in your day when you make Him the highest priority.

Matthew 6:33

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

What are you seeking first? If you do not know, ask someone who knows you intimately (your spouse, your kids, a good friend). They know what you are seeking first. It is reflected in the questions you ask during the day, what you worry about, where your money goes.

You are going to seek something first, why not make it God? If you seek God first, you will be more productive, you will experience more capacity. There is more peace, more sense of pacing. Your tasks may have not been checked off, but the most important things were taken care of.

God will not force his way into your jar. He stands at the door of your heart and gently knocks (Revelations 3:20). He wants to be first into your jar.

One you do this, Jesus has a promise – He will add to your life once you seek Him and his righteousness first.