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Time … I have been doing some researching into the use of time. I know, sounds basic and dull … Here are some things I’ve come across:

The time spent doing those things that are are important pay off; usually not immediately, but there is a cumulative aspect that pays off.

Time spent doing important things do not usually have an immediate payoff, that is why it is so easy to let it slide. They usually do not have an immediate consequence either. The following fall into this category:

  • spending time exercising
  • eating dinner together with your family
  • putting away a small amount each month for the future
  • reading that book when putting your toddler to bed
  • not waiting for vacation to spend time with the family, but taking time out of  your schedule on a weekly basis
  • spending 30 minutes per day studying for each class your are enrolled in
  • leaving work early to spend some eyeball time with your spouse and kids
In each of the above items, doing these activities over time will produce a good result though. It takes repeated, good actions over time to produce a good result.
We all realize this, but fail to make the right decisions .. why? I believe procrastination plays a part. We want immediate satisfaction in our activities and don’t want to invest in those things that we have to wait for. Also, we fail to live out the priorities of our life. We need to get in touch with what is really important and understand that these activities  are worth the delay of gratification because of a larger payoff later on.

There is never value to the cumulative time spent doing those things instead of doing the things that are truly important.

Think back to something that you should have been doing, but have not yet committed .. if you gather all the things you did in place of doing it, you have nothing. The value of your time spent not doing what you should be doing is zero. Why is this? It is because time spent on what is important is vital to your productivity.

I have some changes to make in the use of my time. I’m getting better in managing my time, but have a ways to go when I think about sacrificing activities I should be doing for the alternative.