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We are all busy, it has been said that the older you are, the faster time goes. I have seen this in my own life. In 4 1/2 years I’ll be 50. As I type that I get chills down my back – literally.

Because I have made some changes in my life, I can say I pretty much live without regret. Not completely but for the most part. There were times when this was not true. My older son was simply growing up too fast. Had to slow things down some. We started going out to breakfast once and a while (probably not enough) and just sitting down and enjoying each other. I have to say that I would recommend all of the dads out there to consider doing this as well. I began doing this in high school. He’s off at college now, but I believe that was a fairly important change in both of our lives.

I never had to spend time with my girls, they had soccer and before they could drive I drove them (it seems) all over the earth. We bonded – both of them. My boys were different. Bonding didn’t come naturally as we were not stuck in the car together for long amounts of time.

Point is, it takes thought and action to connect with those you love, those who are a higher priority. Sometimes it does happen easily, but often it takes some energy.

Sarah brings out a similar concept today in today’s devotion:

Living close to Me requires making me your First Love – your highest priority. As you seek My Presence above all else, you experience Peace and Joy in full measure. I am blessed when you make Me first in your life. While you journey through life in My Presence, My Glory brightens the world around you.

I am convinced that those who do not carve out a devotional/quiet time for God each day do not realize the exceptional difference it can make in their lives. I used to be there, for too long. God was something I kept in my back pocket and used when it was convenient for me. I was a fair-weather fan. Loved Him, but truly didn’t commit my heart to Him completely.

I didn’t even know I was there until I got serious about serving Him. Then after I crossed over, looking back on all of those years, I realized that my heart held a double-standard.

That is some of the issue, if I didn’t know where I was, then how can I help others? I have said this before, I can only point to serving God in the deep water, I cannot have any part of altering someone eles’s heart. They will dive into the deep when they are ready. It took me so long, and life’s trials  had to come and go before I was ready.

Serving God is the most incredible journey. Those who are there understand what I’m talking about. The others think I’m off my rocker. Meh, never liked the rocker anyway.