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I’m thinking I am not where I need to be in terms of trusting in Christ. I’m good with saying that I do, that is the easy part. I can talk the talk, been doing it for over 30 years. The trusting part is a different matter altogether.

Sarah this morning says that some people trust God in the big things easily, and some have no problem in the small things. I read that and tried to think of myself.

I am an optimistic person, sometimes to a degree that is unhealthy. I married someone who is opposite, which serves us well. I would never call her pessimist, more of a realist. I believe because of my optimism, I can trust God more easily. An optimistic person will naturally be able to trust that God will work things out because that fits inside the “glass half full” mentality.

So, to clear up the dichotomy I’ve introduced above, I trust that God will come through, but have issues with my double minded ways. Let me explain…

If I trusted God, REALLY trusted God, what would my day, week, year, etc… look like? I guess I need to go deeper and ask: What would my actions be if I completely trusted in Him?

  • I would dedicate myself to Him. In this regard, I would commit my day to Him when I awoke and LIVE the talk. (Psalm 5:3, 59:16, 88:13, Isaiah 33:2)
  • I would have a desire to make God real in my life, specifically in regards to my children. I am the primary person in my children’s life that reflects a relationship with God. Am I revealing God to them in THEIR life? Am I making the ways of God (the bible) real to them? My responsibility is to point them to God where they are. God’s word is very real to their life, and they can go through their issues without ever getting a sense that God has something to say to them where they are. It is not my wife’s responsibility, nor the church to do this. It is my responsibility as I am the spiritual leader of the family. I would constantly relay the fact that a close walk with God is the most important thing in their lives. That leaning on God always is not only possible, but absolutely necessary if they want to live lives that has peace and joy – everything else falls far short. (Ephesians 5:21-33)
  • I would live like my relationship to God is more important than any other thing in my life. This is so easy to type, but much more difficult to live. I would not only seek God in the morning, but during the day, I would stop and think what the bible has to say regarding the crossroad I am facing (Jeremiah 6:16).
  • I would act like my wife was there when I was alone. I had a man tell me once that character is one of the most important things a man has. That character is reflected in my actions when I am alone in a hotel room and no one was EVER going to find out what I did. (Ephesians 6:10-18, Philippians 4:8)
  • I would seek to please God in all my actions because that is where my true peace is found. (Matthew 6:33)
  • I would constantly put others above myself. (Philippians 2:3-4)

At times I question why I blog, and am wondering about this now. Blogging keeps me connected. It allows me to put words to what my heart is feeling. It is less about ministering to others as much as documenting what my heart is feeling in regards to God. Writing allows me to share my heart in ways that is almost impossible otherwise. I have people following my blog, but it is less about them, and more of a history of what my heart felt at the moment. I find value in looking back at my blogs and seeing what my heart felt at that time, and how I have changed.

I’ll close by saying that an intimate relationship with God is so undervalued in today’s society. It is what my life longs for, and what I want to be known for by anyone who knew David. I especially desire that my children are pushed to have an intimate relationship with God above everything else. Why? Because of what serving God in an intimate way has done in my life.