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“You will never experience all the good that can come from the bad in your life until you are first willing to acknowledge that God was with you in the bad.” -Andy Stanley; The Legend Of Joe Jacobson Series

Don’t believe that God is distant when you are going through the troubles. At times he orchestrates events in your life that, when you are going through it seem like there is NO WAY He is there. There is no chance that He will ever work through the events and cause good to happen, but be patient. There are too many times (even recorded in scripture) that He has worked through seemingly terrible events to bring good. I’m thinking of Joseph in the book of Genesis and Christ’s death, for example.

I was included in 3 layoffs in the 17 years of my computer-programming career. Seemingly it was a situation each time where I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. In those times, my wife and I felt as if the bottom was falling out. We held onto God (mostly because we had no other strength in our lives).  We had a peace on the inside that was difficult to explain. People who knew us closely saw a faith in God that easily showed that we knew things would work out. Not sure how, but it was an internal knowing.

Was it easy, never! One time as I was laid off our medical insurance tripled, and medical insurance was not an option for our family. This was in addition to having no income coming in. We never missed a bill payment through it all. God was faithful.

Each of the layoffs allowed me to dig deep and obtain skills needed to move into other technologies, all the while expanding my marketability in software engineering. This simply would not have happened if I had retained my job.

After the last layoff, the door opened for me to get out of the software engineering career and begin my own business (another event that would have never happened). After having my own business for 2 years, I met a man that eventually made me President of his firm, and the opportunities are currently almost unbelievable.

All of this happened because I was laid off and forced to dig deep into my abilities and the Lord’s leading. I became an employee (a follower) to a CEO and owner of my own business and President of another firm (a leader). Each layoff was a stepping stone.

Through each of the layoffs, it was seriously so bad it is difficult to explain. I had 4 kids, one just starting college, and many bills. No income – time to walk the walk.

Through the starting of my own business, We also made a commitment to give to God, really give. Regardless of my income, the first 10% was given to God. I believe that being faithful to give to God unleashes the blessings because we were found faithful. We always had a heart to give to God, but fell short of giving 10% because we valued things above giving; therefore we had debt payments that caused a lack of margin in our finances. God works in the margin of our lives.

I now have a chance to give back. In giving of my time and finances, I believe it keeps my heart from becoming greedy.