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What is my greatest need today? Is it to get my “todo” list completed? Is it to push as hard as I can to succeed at great heights in my business? Is it to love my wife and kids unconditionally? Is it to befriend others and push Christ’s love and acceptance?

All of those are worthy goals, but MY deepest and most constant need is for His Peace.

His Peace (there for the taking even among trials) is attainable for those who have placed their trust in Him. It is the single most important thing today. For with it, you are equipped as He desires you to be.

Sarah says: When you sit quietly with Me, I shine the Light of My Presence directly into your heart.

Sit quietly with Me. Sounds like Christ wants us to stop and acknowledge Him. Commune with Him (Revelations 3:20).

I take from this the understanding that I cannot just go about my day and ignore God. I cannot get up out of bed and think of MY actions for the day without stopping and have some time with Him. Quiet time; time when I stop my “doing”. This is a simple reminder for me today to remember the priority of giving time to Him.