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This morning Sarah mentions something I know, and you know as well, but it is always good to get a fresh reminder of the priorities we should have in our lives.

She says: “In order for you to know My will, you must spend time with me – enjoying My Presence.”

Makes sense to me. In order for me to understand the will of God, I must get to know Him. I must cultivate a relationship. Pslam 32:8 says He will lead us down the best path of our lives. There must be relationship though. You cannot take care of your needs only, you need to stop and allow time with God. This is the most important relationship you have anyway.

This is not easy stuff. You must live outside of your selfish ambitions to do this daily. It takes an understanding that there is more to your life that “getting” and “doing”. This is where God’s blessings are, and where you were meant to live.

It is difficult to explain what following God does in your heart. It allows you to know you are not unstable any more, but are building your life on a foundation that will not move. He provides this Peace that is difficult to explain .. in the middle of anything you are going through.