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What an awesome God I serve!

He leads me, watches over me, guides me and protects me.

I can never understand how much Jesus loves me. I am humbled today because I have access to the one person that accepts me the way I am, wants to push me to be a better person and always completely forgives me when I come with a repentant heart.

Sometimes my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving because of the One I serve. The thing is, serving God is not a “weird” thing – as the world would have you believe. The world makes it weird because they do not understand. They are sitting on the outside. “Christians” today make it easy for the outsiders to believe that way. They do not reflect the heart of Jesus in many ways.

When I read through Matthew, or any of the gospels there is a true understanding of the heart of Christ. How He was compassionate, forgiving. His true identity comes out.

More than that, it is the changes that I sense in my heart, changes that come from Him working through my life. I am accepted by Him. More than simply accepted – I am wanted! He wants me, He truly understands my issues and shortcomings yet He does not count my faults against me.

I cannot be thankful enough for what serving Christ has done to my life. I wonder how people that do not serve Christ – truly serve Him – go through this life and find peace and joy.