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Anyone can write. So what makes a writer? There is a difference. Anyone can blog, but what makes a successful blogger?

I have arrived at a crossroads. My path has forked. I have a decision to make. One path is to continue writing what is on my heart and my blog will continue to be a reflection of that and the other path is to write blogs that will gain followers and readers. While this decision is easy for some, for me it is somewhat difficult. I know some will say that the best thing is to write what is on the heart and be true to yourself – that is what blogging is all about, the followers will come IF you are honest with yourself.

I guess the larger picture is what do I want from my blog? This is where the truth has to come into play. I view blogs that have many followers and without exception, these guys can express themselves. Their blogs are enjoyable and many times witty. The blogs I follow express what interests me, challenge me, and entertain me.

As much as I’d like to have many followers, I believe it is more important for me to share my heart, and to remember why I began blogging in the first place .. to get my thoughts down.

I find that writing brings out my heart like nothing else. Am I a writer? Does it matter? Not to a blogger. I will continue putting down my thoughts and whatever happens I know that I have an excellent record of my thoughts throughout the good and bad times of my life.

I love blogging, more than I ever realized. What I didn’t realize is the strong community in the blogging world .. this was unexpected.