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The back surgery has been a success though not without going through much. They just removed the drain from the back – the last tube. The hospital had trouble managing the pain. We are glad it is over. We are outta here. The lower back has proven to be a much harder surgery than any other surgery. She has begun the road to recovery and to less pain overall. The hardest part is over.

I wanted to let the blogging community know that I have truly appreciated the notes of encouragement and prayers. It was unexpected and I don’t know why. I read so many blogs of people that have a true heart to serve God. I guess I never expected the blogging community to be as personal as it is. It is a true blessing to be connected to so many new friends that are traversing this world with a heart of serving such an awesome God.

I have crossed a bridge. A personal knowing that the blogging world is an intimate one. Bloggers reach out to other bloggers through trials. The world is smaller. Followers of God are all over, people that desire to be true disciples of Christ. I’ve found some new friends through blogging. Much appreciated.