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Warning … this blog entry is specifically aimed at those who are interested in intimacy with Christ, who value the peace and inexplicable joy that one feels in their heart when Christ’s spirit invades.

So what is the big deal with quiet time? I’m not talking about a daily devotional time. I’m talking about stopping everything, shutting down, eyes closed, mind on the Lord.

I have been challenged to get more serious about this 1.5 years ago when I began reading Sarah Young’s small devotional entitled “Jesus Calling”. She continually spoke of “quiet time”, but it was different that I had ever been used to. It was a time to shut down and just “give God some time”.

Since that time, I have struggled to make this part of my day. At first I couldn’t turn off my mind. I am used to running on all cylinders so to shut down and put David second was somewhat difficult. After I got over that hurdle, I began to understand what Sarah was writing about, and what David spoke repeatedly about in Psalms. Quietness before God is valuable.

After being a follower for about 30 years, you would have thought this gem would have been discovered long ago. It took reading Sarah’s devotional to bring it to light.

So, what have I learned? Shutting down and giving God my all and stopping everything allows me to enjoy peace. That is the most enduring quality resulting from my commitment to put myself second entirely valuing intimacy with God for a small section of each day.

Difficult to understand? Sorry. That is all I have. This enlightenment pushes me to tell others hoping that they too can investigate with interest.