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I was dropping off some signed soccer contract forms to my daughter’s manager today at his house and we had a small chat. He asked about my wife knowing she just had surgery. I told him about her recovery and it was hard but the hope she has is pushing her forward.

Lower back surgery is tough. The recovery (as we have yet to walk through) will be a rough one. When you are facing the pain in the lower back as my wife has been living with, hope can do wonderful things.

I mentioned to him that she is concentrating on the future and not on the recovery. My wife has lived with pain for so long, she doesn’t remember not being in pain.

I don’t have pain. If I have a headache, it is something I complain about and immediately attempt to resolve as soon as possible. Pain is something that is not normal for me. For my wife, it is very normal. She must find it difficult to have compassion on me when I’m experiencing a headache.

I told him, “The day when she is relieved from the back pain she will be unlike me. She will be forever grateful for the lack of pain.” I cannot go there. I cannot be as thankful as she will be because I take my lack of pain for granted.

You don’t know what you have until it is taken away.

God provides everything we need and more. All we seek in life is there for the taking .. the inward peace, the reason for living, the guidance, the love.

Our thankfulness comes when what we had was taken away. We had loneliness, we sought inward peace, we desired a true reason for living. God came in and removed all of this and provided so much more than we ever thought. He brought an inward joy, a peace that passes understanding. He didn’t remove our issues and problems, but showed us that He was there in the midst of them. He guides and directs our path.

This is why we are so thankful. Do we have problems in this life? – yes! Are there struggles we face daily? – yes! It isn’t about that. It is a knowing that His presence is more real than anything. When we seek Him, He is there (James 4:8).

May I learn to be more thankful for what I had and was taken away.