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Today, 24 years ago, I married my sweetheart. Thankfulness fills my heart this morning. I got the better end of the deal with my wife. She is a wonderful person and I couldn’t help but share what was on my heart this morning.

We have a strong marriage. We have been through so much. I am mostly thankful that my four children have witnessed stability in their parents for 24 years now. In the day where over 1/2 of all marriages fail, they have seen parents that are stable and strong in the paths of life.

It isn’t that we have not had troubles. We both come from families that caused some troubles and battles early in our marriages .. mostly mine. It took me some time to come to the point where she was chosen over my parents. But it finally happened. I finally woke up and learned what was most important in my life of being a husband.

God has been good to me. The troubles, fights and trials have served only to strengthen our marriage. The way I put it: “You will not know how strong the relationship is until it is tested. The greater testings only serve to prove the relationship when you make it on the other side.”

We have been through the testings now. We both know what buttons NOT to push when we fight, and we don’t push them. It has taken awhile but after 24 years you learn.

I look forward to growing old with my wife. Our oldest is almost 23 – getting married next year and our youngest is 14. We are transitioning into another phase of our relationship and we are both excited. I am a blessed man!

Tammy, I love you and am so glad that you are my wife.