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I heard a phrase this week that has been with me – usually something I blog about.

You know how spiritual you are – how you respond initially to sin. – Andy Stanley

This hits home with me. My spiritual condition is reflected on how I initially respond to sin. This includes my own sin, as well as the sin of others. I tend to overlook my own sin and at the same time hold other more accountable.

This is a tough one. I can justify my own sin easily – too easily. I have reasons for my shortcomings and my stumbling blocks. I usually don’t just sin outright but it sneaks up on me and then “Bam!” it is there. I have justification for my issues, reasons for my failures. These shortcomings are just excuses and I’m sure to God it stinks.

Looking at others is a different story. Many times I do not attempt to understand where they are in their walk of life, but fall on the unsympathetic side of the fence many times. This is something I struggle with, and it bothers me.

One thing I desire to obtain in my life is a compassion for others, where they are in their walk, and an understanding that I am no better in any way than them no matter what it seems like. As I said before, I was raised in this junk. But it is WAY past time for me to move forward. I need to always have a heart of compassion for others regardless of what the situation may seem like.

I overlook my shortcomings and I desire to overlook other’s shortcomings just as easily. I’m sure it would change many of my interactions with others. I desire to be a follower of Christ and cannot do that successfully without obtaining the compassion that He had.

So, there are a couple of things I take away regarding this:

  • I need to stop easily overlooking my shortcomings and realize they are separating me from the intimacy with God I so desire daily.
  • I need to begin to see other people’s shortcomings in light of where they are in their walk of life .. those following God or not.