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January 2009 I left corporate America, hopefully for good. Time will tell. I had been out of work for 3 months after my 3rd layoff. I had been a software engineer for 17 years mostly working in the telecom market. When a close friend was called right after the layoff he told me, “This could be the best thing that ever happened to you.” This did not give me any comfort whatsoever.

He was right. Working with him, I was able to secure a client and I began working for myself doing something quite different than I had ever done, research. I now manage a team of guys that do technically specific patent research and create inventions to sell. No more coding. I wasn’t sure if it would fuel my need to create. I loved programming.

Here I am going on 4 years and I have to say that I’ve adjusted. It took about 2 years to be able to handle running a small business without stressing over all of the things it takes. I still program when the time is available (yea, right!). The programming I do is for clients that need small stuff, but nothing keeps me moving at 2am like programming. I miss staying up with the ever changing technology.

I have said that I never really worked as hard until I went to work for myself. It is nice not to have to answer to a boss, but I find it difficult NOT to work. The other side is that my hard work is rewarded so much more than in the corporate world. It is all about balance – God/Family/Profession/Emotions.

God has led me at every turn. I do not know what I would do if I had a 40+ hour/week job with my wife’s medical scenario. I can care for her and the house because I work for myself. Also, I have opportunities with Godly people for future streams of income.

For the first year of working for myself, I would constantly make sarcastic comments about the morning traffic. Saying things like “I had a traffic jam on the way to the office this morning. I had to stop and let the dog and cat cross on my way to my office, in my slippers. I just could not get used to not having to get in my car to leave home to go to the office.

The rat race is there every time I pass the freeway, I’m now out of it .. for good hopefully. Now if I could only get to running shape again. I know what it takes – Balance/Scheduling/Prioritized Tasks.

— thankful for His blessings .. always