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In talking with a guy this morning, I was struck with an understanding of the need to get intimate in our relationship with Christ. How this plays out is something that is different for everyone. I think about spending time with God when I awake in the morning. Used to not be that way though.

Question: How important is it in your opinion to think about spending time with God when you wake, and how do you connect?

I would love to get responses from the blogging community, and hopefully some comments. Feel free to comment below. Those of us who follow Christ have ways that they connect with God. I understand how that plays out in my own life, but that is my opinion. I would like to have feedback from others to round out my understanding of obtaining and maintaining a close walk with Christ.

My opinion is simply that .. only my opinion. As I encourage others in their walk with God, I desire to have a rounded opinion to hopefully hit them where they are, and give them something that they can connect with.