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Good friends .. friends that stick by you in the good and tough times. Hopefully we all have them. They are the ones that you can call anytime and know without a doubt that they have your back. If you don’t see them for a year, when you finally get together with them, you pick right up where you left off.

Today, after listening to our senior pastor teach, I thought about his message. The guy he talked about had REALLY good friends. Friends that would do (and did do) anything that was necessary to get the job done.

Mark in his gospel tells the story many of us have heard since we were young. The story of a guy that was powerless to help himself, but needed friends to help him out. These friends had the drive to act on the faith they had that Jesus would heal their friend, and didn’t stop at obstacles in their way.

The guy was a cripple, and the friends had heard that Jesus was in town teaching at a house. Jesus was gaining much popularity at this time and when they got there, the house was packed. That didn’t stop them, the got the guy on the roof and actually tore a hole in it and let him down on the mat.

Think of the situation. Jesus is teaching and then sees stuff falling from the roof. I wonder if he continued teaching or stopped. Did they have a saw to make the hole? It must have been a large hole to fit the mat! What an awkward moment. The friends didn’t care though, they were going to get their friend in front of Jesus whatever the cost. Jesus did heal him. I bet there was the sound of bones popping, and muscles being formed in his crippled body. The guy took his mat and walked out of there.

Read about it in chapter 2 of the Gospel of Mark.

Today, the our pastor asked how we were doing with our friends that may need our help. Do we do anything to help them? Can they count on us in times of need? Are we (as believers) reaching out even in uncomfortable situations to make a difference in their lives. It is a challenge that hit me.

I texted one of my old friends right there in church to get together with him again for lunch soon. I was moved to action. Now I need to live this way everyday.