Who is David Ledet?

David Ledet is a servant of God, a husband to the best wife on the entire planet, and a father to four wonderful children. A “Christian” he is not – he is a disciple, follower of Christ.

He resides in Allen, a small town about 30 minutes north of the Dallas Texas.  Music? Yes, thank you very much. Get ready for this .. Worship and metal and everything between. Also, He’s a wanna-be runner, always loved it but currently finding trouble getting back into shape enough to enjoy it again. Nothing like hitting the pavement early in the morning with his Golden “Zeke”.

He runs his own business, doing mostly intellectual property consulting. Also president of NDJ Associates helping others succeed in small business through a small business Academy.

Why “Heaven Of My Heart”? Back in the early 90s, one of his favorite bands was White Heart and one of his favorite songs by them was “Heaven Of My Heart”. Chorus:

Locked in a sky so blue; Is a land made for me and you
And we’re going there; But until the dream comes true
There’s a secret place; So full of love and grace
When the world spins and breaks apart; 
I’m going to the other heaven of my heart
— White Heart / Highlands / 1993

Family In Florida '09

Quotes from the devotion entries are taken from:

Young, Sarah (2004). Jesus Calling:
Seeking Peace in His Presence.
Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.